Why Mom’s Choice?

Why choose Mom’s Choice Milk?

The commonly available milk at your grocery store or super markets come from various sources and change hands multiple times before delivery. This does not guarantee the purity of the Milk.


Right from the collecting buckets to the unhygienic cans that milk gets poured into, the cleanliness standards are not of the highest rank. There is a high possibility of contamination. It goes through atmospheric exposure at the collection point and further during the supply chain adding to more impurity and drop in level of hygiene. The bacterial count is increased due to the storage and transportation temperature maintained when the Milk is transported from the farm to the depots.


These packed pouches normally arrive at your doorstep only after 48 hrs of collecting the raw milk.

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  • Regular Milk
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Milk is pooled from different farmers, hence less assurance of maintaining the quality.
      • Chances of adulteration are higher.
      • Human touched is involved.
      • Lead time between milking and delivery to consumer is approximately 3 days

Best choice
  • Mom's Choice Milk
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Quality is maintained as the milk is produced from the same breed of cows that are on the same diet.
      • Strict quality control processes adopted with no compromise on quality and hence no chances of Adulteration.
      • Untouched by human hands as milking, processing and packaging is done by machines.
      • Graded and approved food grade plastic bottles used for packaging.
      • Only cold chain vehicles are used for transportation.
      • Lead time between milking and delivery to consumer is approximately 8 to 9 hours.

Moms Choice Milking Process

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